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Whether it’s residential, industrial, commercial or agricultural pressure cleaning services you need, we’ve got you covered. Our top of the range equipment and expertise means we can clean places our competitors simply can’t, and our pressure cleaning services won’t break the bank. For reliable, professional service contact us today.


We provide a range of services for residential customers, which includes pressure cleaning paved areas, driveways, pergolas, shade sails, roofing as well as recreational equipment such as caravans, boats and jet skis and even sporting services.

We’ve even saved customers thousands of dollars by pressure cleaning fire damaged/carbon affected bricks rather than having walls torn down and replaced. This is an enormous interest for insurance companies.

We’re also experts when it comes to industrial and commercial properties. Whether it’s the greasiest of factory floors and walls to outdoor concrete areas, driveways, showrooms, factory walls or even the smaller things like signage, there’s nothing we can’t clean. Our 100m high-pressure hose also lets us get to those hard to reach areas that others can’t, making us your first choice for all high-pressure cleaning jobs large and small.

Industrial Shed Cleaning

No job is too big or too small for HiLo Hot Wash. Our industrial pressure cleaning equipment can handle even the toughest jobs, and we can have your commercial and industrial areas looking brand new in no time. Our high pressure cleaning services can take care of all industrial spaces, inside and out – even on the roof!

100M Pressure Hose

Do you have a job that you think no pressure cleaning service can get to? Think again! Our 100m pressure hose can get to even the hardest to reach places. We love a challenge, so if you need a difficult space cleaned, put our specialist high pressure equipment to the test today. We can clean space that our competitors simply can’t.

Multi-Storey Buildings

We’re not just experts in pressure cleaning floors and walls, we can get those difficult, high areas too. Whether it’s multi-story buildings or even roofing, we can clean it. Many people neglect the hard to reach parts of a building, but with HiLo Hot Wash, you don’t need to. Get your entire home or building looking as good as new with our expert pressure cleaning services.

We produce our own hot water

Unlike some other pressure cleaning services, our pressure cleaning equipment turns your cold water into hot water and the service isn’t costing you more through hidden hot water expenses. We want our service to be as affordable as possible for our customers, and by heating your water, we keep your pressure cleaning costs down.

Cost Efficient

Our high pressure hot water jet cleaning machine isn’t just effective, it’s also efficient. There’s always a water cost when hiring pressure cleaning services, but we keep those costs lower than our competitors. Our high pressure cleaning equipment uses around 900L of water per hour. This equates to about $3 per hour cost to you, which is extremely cost-efficient.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is an unfortunate part of life, but you don’t need to despair if your property or building falls victim to it. Our hot water pressure washer can remove all of that unsightly graffiti quickly and without the fuss. Regardless of the surface, you can count on the experts at HiLo Hot Wash to have your property back to normal in no time.

Fire Damage Cleaning

If your home, building, or commercial property suffers unfortunate fire damage, we can help. Many people assume that walls need to be knocked down and replaced after a fire, often at considerable cost to yourself or the insurance company. Costly insurance claims can affect future premiums, but in some cases you can avoid that by having fire damaged walls pressure cleaned instead. As long as the structure is still sound, our pressure cleaning services can take care of it at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Environmentally Friendly

Looking after the planet is everybody’s business, and we make sure we do our part. We offer high pressure cleaning services that abide by strict EPA rules. For example, we can remove oil and marks from large concrete areas and ensure the water waste is collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Contact us today about our eco-friendly pressure cleaning solutions.



Whatever your residential high pressure cleaning needs, we can make it happen.

Our super-efficient hot water high-pressure cleaning services will only use around $3 worth of cold water per hour which we heat so there’s no extra expense to you.

Thanks to our 100m pressure hose, we can also get to places that our competitors can’t. We make paved areas look brand new, get your driveways and concrete areas looking spotless, and even make your roof tiles sparkle and renew your old tin roof. There’s no surface we can’t clean, and you can always rely on our friendly, reliable service.

From brick fences to outdoor shade sails, we can breathe new life into your property with our residential pressure cleaning services. So, whether you’re sprucing your place up for sale or you simply want to make your home shine like brand new, contact us today for the very best high pressure cleaning in town.




Let’s face it, industrial buildings need more TLC than most, but it’s easy to just let the dirt and grime pile up while you go about your work.

It almost seems like too much work to get those large industrial spaces clean. Well, not anymore!

If you’re a property owner going through a change of tenants, now is the perfect time to call us to discuss how our high pressure industrial cleaning services can help. Don’t let potential tenants view your property looking dirty, run-down and unappealing. Let our team go to work with our industrial pressure cleaning equipment and restore your property to its former glory. You may even increase your industrial building’s appeal and value and increase your rental returns.

Our industrial high pressure cleaning service can make any shed or workshop sparkle like new, both inside and out. So, no matter your needs, contact us today for the best industrial high pressure cleaning around.



HiLo Hot Wash has experience in local regional communities, which is why we understand the needs of people living on the land.

From stockyards to dairies to horse stables and all of your heavy machinery, our high-pressure cleaning services can get the job done.

We understand that farm equipment does a lot of heavy work, and it’ often dirty work too. Your heavy-duty equipment is a major investment, and that’s why it’s worth keeping it clean and functioning at peak performance. If you need to give your farm equipment the once over and be confident that the job is done properly, our hot water pressure washer is exactly what you need.

We clean to export standards.

We also service all larger areas, such as stockyards, stables, dairies and silos. We know how messy they can get, and for the health of your livestock it pays to regularly clean the most important areas of your agricultural operation. Contact us for the best agricultural high-pressure cleaning services available!




When it comes to commercial property, the team at HiLo Hot Wash knows how to keep things looking their best.

Appearance is an important part of any commercial operation, so don’t let your property be seen at it’s worst. Especially not since we can have it look it’s best in no time!

If it needs cleaning, we can do it. Concrete driveways, paved areas, walls and roofing, showrooms and even signage – we can do it all.

Whether you’re a commercial property owner looking to spruce things up between tenants, or you’re a commercial property tenant who just wants everything to look its best, call us today and put out high-pressure cleaning services to the test.

Assessments and quotes are free.




For regular, large scale pressure cleaning operations, you can be assured that HiLo Hot Wash is up to the task.

We’re the trusted high-pressure cleaning service for North East Water, Defence Housing Australia, Albury City council, Wodonga City Council, Wangaratta City Council and Wagga City Council.

From streets to sports grounds to public spaces, there’s no job too big or small. Our hot water high-pressure cleaners can remove even the unsightliest graffiti, chewing gum, and even have well-worn outdoor sporting courts looking like brand new.

For reliable, honest service you can trust, we invite all councils and local governments to speak to us about how we can help. Our unique 100m long-pressure hose allows us to reach areas that our competitors simply can’t, so contact us today and find out why so many councils and governments already trust HiLo Hot Wash with their most important pressure cleaning jobs.


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