Slide SAFER, MORE EFFECTIVE MOULD PREVENTION This two-step Mould Pack will help you to safely kill, disinfect and protect your surfaces without the use of toxic chemicals.


Protecting Communities & Advancing Health


At Integrity Facilities we exclusively partnered with Durokleen,

on our mission to safeguard communities from harmful pathogens.

Through trusted and technologically advanced solutions, we strive to make a lasting difference in environmental health.


The battle against pathogens remains a persistent challenge that requires our continued dedication. That’s why we proudly offer Durokleen, one of the world’s most advanced antimicrobial surface protection solutions. Our water-based formula provides effective and sustained action for both domestic and large-scale industrial applications. With modernity and environmental sustainability at its core, Durokleen sets a new standard in protecting surfaces without harsh chemicals.

Versatility is key, and Durokleen rises to the occasion. Durokleen have successfully embedded a revolutionary antimicrobial solution into a range of products, from wipes and sanitising gels to surfactant-based cleaners. Each product is thoughtfully organised and catering to specific industries and customer needs. One such range is Kleen Cleaning Solutions, offering biodegradable cleaners with superior degreasing and dirt-lifting capabilities, all without harsh or toxic chemicals.

But how does Durokleen work its magic?

By forming a resilient bond with treated surfaces, our biostatic barrier creates a dense field of microscopic, positively-charged chains of molecules. This coating interacts with net-negatively charged microbial cells, weakening their outer layer over time and ultimately dismantling the microbe. Once dry, Durokleen forms a long-lasting positively charged biostatic barrier that continuously protects, requiring fewer repeated cleans.

Made and Owned in Australia

Durokleen embodies excellence at every level.

Our state-of-the-art GMP certified manufacturing facility ensures exceptional quality in every batch. With meticulous monitoring of the supply chain and adherence to strict manufacturing guidelines, we meet and exceed global standards.

Join Integrity Facilities and Durokleen in the fight against pathogens and discover the difference. Experience the power of innovation, sustainability, and ultimate protection.

Please feel free to reach out to Integrity Facilities to explore the possibility of implementing the Durokleen solution in your workplace. Follow the link below to browse and purchase Durokleen products. Take action now and elevate your workplace hygiene standards!


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